Location: Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Employment type: Permanent Employee


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Rope Access Rigger

Published 17.08.2022

A vacancy hasarisen for the position of Rope Access Rigger.  This position will be based offshore working on the UKCS on an ad-hocbasis, there may also be a requirement to attend the Aberdeen office at theCompanies discretion.  The key duties of this positioninclude, but are not limited to, the responsibilities detailed below:

  • Work with other disciplines and business units to meet customer requirements.
  • Support key internal stakeholders across the business to ensure operational success
  • Ensure that the competence regarding standards and regulations are up to date.
  • Have knowledge of the system applications that are used by the Company.
  • Complying with all safety regulations.
  • Safely carrying out work within their competency levels (IRATA Level 1,2,3).
  • Personally inspecting their rope access equipment, and PPE daily.
  • Ensuring that any suspect or defective equipment is brought to the attention of the Rope Access Safety Supervisor.
  • Ensuring that rope access equipment is used properly.
  • Inspection of equipment at customer sites,offshore and onshore
  • Participate in the planning and risk assessment of Lifting Operations
  • Participate in and deliver Toolbox Talk
  • Verify all Lifting Appliances and Accessories are used in accordance with the approved Lift Plan
  • Verify the weight of Load is within the capacity of the Lifting Appliances and Accessories
  • Restrict access to the area of operation to authorised personnel only
  • Verify the Lifting Equipment and Loads are properly inspected before use including inspection for potential dropped objects
  • Verify the Loads are slung correctly
  • Verify the Lifting Accessories are securely attached to the Load
  • Verify the Lifting Accessories have freedom of movement
  • Verify the Lifting Equipment is used within its WLL/SWL
  • Confirm slings are not used at an excessive angle, which is below 45 degrees from horizontal unless specifically detailed on the Lift Plan
  • Confirm the route to be travelled is clear and the landing area is suitable
  • Identify and remove potential snagging points in the vicinity of the Load
  • Confirm the area around the Load to be lifted is clear and the Load is free to lift
  • Assume a safe position during Lifting Operations and be aware of the position of others
  • Continuously monitor the Lifting Operation
  • Remain in communication the workgroup at all times
  • Derig, store or quarantine the Lifting Accessories correctly
  • Use the equipment according to the manufacturer recommendations.

The successful candidate must have the following:

  • The right to work in the UK
  • Rope Access: IRATA Level 1 with 3 years minimum experience
  • Rigging: OPITO Level 3 Rigger
  • A minimum of 1 years experience in a similar offshore role.