Location: Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Employment type: Permanent Employee


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Mariner Crane Operator

Published 12.01.2023

Job Summary:   

Designated operator is responsible for all deck cranes utilised in the lifting and movement of all operations equipment, systems, supplies, containers, tubulars and other materials utilised in the daily functioning of the offshore unit as directed.
During non-crane operational modes, work activity includes supervising Roustabouts and participating in various maintenance work about the entire offshore unit, to include paint preparation, painting, material/equipment movement, repair and maintenance of systems and equipment within various departments as assigned/directed on a project basis.
During relocation of the drilling unit, assists as directed in positioning the drilling unit on and off location.
The essential tasks can vary due to the rig type and phase of operation. Therefore, this description is broken down by rig type and phase of operation.


Platform Rigs:

Inspect cranes and associated equipment’s condition to ensure operational integrity to handle upcoming heavy workload.
Report defects or crane inoperability in a timely manner.
Ensure current crane operator licence is valid at all times.
Awareness of safe and proper rigging procedures.
Offload/backload supply vessels as required by company and client.
Inspect and make available safe and proper rigging.
Transfer casing from supply boat to casing rack.
Measure, label, number and record joints of casing and other tubulars.
Make available to the rig floor all tools and equipment needed to spud the well and run the casing.
Maintain a constant supply of casing to the rig floor during casing running operations. Clear the rig floor of tools and equipment used in running the casing.
Assign Roustabout(s) to the cementing unit to assist service personnel with their operation of cementing the casing.
Inspect clean-up procedures after cementing operations, ensuring all drains are properly flushed clean of all cement residues.
Ensure appropriate mud additives are relocated to the mud processing equipment in a timely manner.
Perform maintenance and housekeeping work activities such as ensuring work areas are clean and equipment stowage is completed in an efficient manner to ensure personnel safety.
Ensure materials, equipment and supplies are unloaded and back loaded to supply vessels in an efficient manner.
Conduct maintenance on cranes as required.
Conduct maintenance and inspection of all rigging equipment to regulatory standards.
Perform maintenance on drilling tools as directed.
Conduct internal assessments (where applicable) to company standards and procedures on activities within our area of competence.

Crane Operations:

Operates crane equipment from a stationary position (cab and/or remote controls) moving various loads to and from a floating position, i.e., workboat (work condition: stationary to/from floating).
Operates crane equipment from a stationary position (cab and/or remote controls), moving various loads about the drilling unit (work condition: stationary/stationary).
Operates crane equipment for a moving position (CAB) moving various loads to and from a floating position (With condition: floating to/from floating).
Operates pedestal crane equipment from a floating position (cable controls), moving various loads to and from a floating position (work conditions: floating to/from floating).
Operates remote control bridge cranes, moving casing loads to and from casing hold.


Qualifications and or Experience:    

The Company primarily promotes experienced Assistant Crane Operators to this position, who have demonstrated their competency at this level. (where applicable) New hires will preferably possess current experience as an offshore Crane Operator Must successfully pass pre-placement medical examination and drug screening.
Must be able to perform functions safely.
Must be able to comply with Company rules.
Must successfully satisfy all applicable international regulatory body and client training certification and/or marine license/document requirements.
All role holders will demonstrate safe working practices in line with Company policies, procedures, training and legal requirements. Personnel will ensure their own safety at all times and will assist in ensuring the safety of others by participating fully in the Company Safety Management System.

Emergency Response:             

Coordinate response actions with the immediate supervisor and/or designated Offshore Installation Manager in a calm and decisive manner to include:
Direct emergency team in executing emergency assignments in accordance with station bill.
Direct deck crew response in the event of well control procedures.
Direct deck crew rig abandonment procedures.
Direct deck crew response in the event of a fire; knows location of and trains deck crew in the use of alarm systems.
Render assistance within personal qualifications in case of personal injury and provide details of injury for future investigation/prevention.
Report all emergency situations as soon as possible to the immediate supervisor and/or the designated Offshore Installation Manager (OIM).


Crane Operator is authorised to plan and prepare work for the deck crew.
Crane Operator is authorised to make decisions in his area/exercise own ‘area responsibility’.
Crane Operator is authorised to decide on the use of cranes on the basis of safety and operational considerations.
Crane Operator is authorised to report non-conformances.

Note:   The duties as described herein are intendedas a guide only, and it should be understood that operational demands may attimes necessitate that an employee perform duties not included in thisdescription.