Our direction

We are looking for the next generation of talent to help us realize the opportunities ahead.

Odfjell Technology recognises that the shift to renewable energy requires a new way of thinking.

The capital and competence in the oil and gas industry is of great value to the energy transition. Offering energy-efficient services while working to leverage our decades of competence for the energy transition will be key for Odfjell Family in the years ahead.

The same entrepreneurial spirit that founded Odfjell Family in 1973 lives on in our efforts to find the innovative solutions necessary for a successful energy transition. As we move into the broader energy market, we are looking for the next generation of talent who will help us overcome the challenges and realize the opportunities ahead.

odjfell-technology_Mats Myklebust

Employee stories

Develop your passion and spirit for engineering and entrepreneurship

Mats Myklebust​, Projects & Engineering ​

We strive to challenge the status quo with leadership that inspires and motivates. We have leaders who create an environment where employees strive to exceed their capabilities and where there is room, to develop your passion and spirit for engineering and entrepreneurship, combined with personnel development.

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odjfell-technology_Odd Joran Overli

Employee stories

A good ability to adapt and rethink

Odd Jøran Øverli​, Norway offshore ​

Odfjell Technology is an employer that has given me confidence and predictability every year, which I really appreciate. I have received support and consideration from colleagues when I have needed it out at work and in private. The company has a good ability to adapt and rethink, which is and will be important in the future. It’s nice to work in a company that has a good reputation.

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Employee stories

A culture that values innovation and collaboration

Maria Carvalho, Projects & Engineering​

In Odfjell, we have a culture that values innovation and collaboration. As part of the Green Technology department and the Sustainability Working Group, I am proud to be a part of teams dedicated to bringing sustainability to the forefront of the company’s agenda. ​ 

I am excited about the potential for Odfjell Technology to make a meaningful impact in the energy transition.

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