Specialist team within Ventilation and Refrigeration Technology. The multidiscipline department. There others only think problems, we think solutions.

Ventilation and Indoor environment

  • Engineering of HVAC systems with a focus on energy savings
  • Preparation of HVAC design philosophy, ESD philosophy, “Cause & Effect” and documentation
  • Survey of fire/gas barriers, overpressure, air volumes and noise
  • Cleaning ventilation with brushes or dry ice to maintain energy efficiency
  • Balancing and pressurisation

Air Condition, Refrigerant & Heatpump

Cooling and heat pump core areas:

  • Refrigeration systems with natural refrigerants with a focus on the right price and functionality for the right system
  • Air Condition for Ventilation and Data rooms 5 kw to 100kw
  • Water chillers and heatpumps from 5kw to 7000kw