Safe and efficient services with class leading technology

We have the experience, expertise, and technology to offer the safest and most efficient Tubular Running Services, including:

  • Remotely operated and conventional tubular running equipment & services
  • Top Drive Casing running services
  • Casing drilling services & accessories
  • Integrated tubular running services

Ongoing growth in the field of remotely operated equipment

We deliver the safest and most efficient remotely operated range of tubular running equipment, including:

  • ScissorTong, (WiFi) controlled scissor table tongs range
  • CRTI, top drive casing running tool range
  • Sliplifter (WiFi) c/w integrated safety clamp range
  • Sliding-Spider, sliding completion spider
  • Wash & Dope bucket, thread doping/cleaning applicator system
  • UltraElevator, heavy-duty slip type elevator range
  • UltraFMS, heavy-duty flush mounted spider range
  • CLP, Contol line pusher for multiple completion control lines
  • TRAC, (WiFi) torque turn system & (WiFi) torque turn sub
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Well Services endeavors to continuously develop new technology within the industry. The company delivers the safest and most efficient services using radio controlled, remotely-operated technology and a new range of handling tools.