Odfjell Technology’s commitment to sustainability is based on high ethical standards, integrity, respect for people and care for the environment.

Our policies within these areas form the basis for responsible management throughout the organisation. We have reporting systems to regularly report our performance and refine our sustainability approach.

Our approach to sustainability is threefold: environmental impact, people and safety, and ethics and compliance.

An ongoing commitment

“Sustainability is a priority for Odfjell Technology. We are committed to minimising the environmental impact from our operations and looking after what matters most – our people.”

Simen Lieungh


Our approach

A company priority

Our sustainability policies and procedures are regularly reviewed and updated as part of our continual improvement process to ensure they are effective and up to date with requirements, technology and best practice.

Environmental impact

Environmental impact

Minimising our footprint

Odfjell Technology is committed to minimising the environmental impact of our operations. We focus on reducing energy usage, increasing energy efficiency, avoiding spills to sea and land and using more environmentally friendly chemicals.

people and safety

Looking after what matters most

People are at the heart of everything we do. A responsible approach in all areas of our business ensures our people can perform at their best. Ensuring a safe working environment is top priority every day, underscored by our zero-injury approach to occupational health and safety.

Ethics and compliance

Ethical standards, compliance and integrity

Our operations are guided by a zero tolerance for corruption. Policies on ethics and business conduct form the foundation for all our operations. This also applies to our contractors, suppliers, agents and others who work on our behalf.

ESG resources

Our sustainability library

Access sustainability resources including past reports, GRI indices and policies.

Reporting grievances

Transparency matters

Our whistleblowing portal enables personnel to report infringements of the Code of Business Conduct or other ethical/critical concerns. The portal is accessible for external parties, including clients and suppliers.