Share price

Largest shareholders

Investor Shares % of total Type
Odfjell Partners LTD. 23,825,396 60.37% ORD
J.P. Morgan Securities Plc 1,288,241 3.26% NOM
Goldman Sachs International 1,267,952 3.21% COMP
J.P. Morgan Securities Plc 804,510 2.04% COMP
Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. 621,504 1.57% PRIV
UBS AG 472,211 1.20% COMP
State Street Bank and Trust Comp 445,579 1.13% COMP
BNP Paribas Securities Services 432,169 1.10% COMP
The Bank of New York Mellon SA/NV 429,163 1.09% COMP
Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. 392,765 1.00% COMP
Citibank, N.A. 378,789 0.96% COMP
State Street Bank and Trust Comp 367,985 0.93% COMP
CAPE INVEST AS 333,333 0.84% ORD
Morgan Stanley & Co. International 298,545 0.76% ORD
Morgan Stanley & Co. Int. Plc. 289,004 0.73% NOM
Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. 266,069 0.67% NOM
Nordea Bank Abp 200,000 0.51% NOM
The Bank of New York Mellon 168,864 0.43% NOM
ULSMO FINANS AS 153,333 0.39% ORD
Total number owned by top 20 32,617,625 82.65%
Total number of shares 39,463,867

Last updated 24.03.2022

Primary insiders

Odfjell Technology Ltd is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, and have an obligation to keep an updated lists of primary insiders. A link for the primary insiders will be available shortly after Odfjell Technology is listed for trading on the main list of the Oslo Stock Exchange.

General Meeting

The general meeting has the highest authority in Odfjell Technology and shall be an effective forum for the shareholders and directors.

All registered shareholders have the right to participate in the Annual General Meeting. The notice for Annual General Meetings is sent to the shareholders and made available on the company’s website no later than 21 days before the general meeting.

Shareholders registered in VPS (the Norwegian Registry of Securities) can vote in person or by proxy. Shareholders, who are not able to attend the Annual General Meeting in person, may execute a proxy in the name of another person attending the meeting.


The Company aims to ensure that shareholder returns reflect the Company’s value creation and will consist of both dividends and a positive share price development. The Company will target a long-term dividend annual pay-out representing approximately 30 – 50% of its net profit on a consolidated basis. The Company has a high focus on value creation and will have a dividend policy that will preserve the interest of the Company and its shareholders.

When deciding whether to declare and pay an annual dividend, the Board of Directors will take into consideration market outlook, potential growth opportunities, contract backlog, cash flow generation, capital expenditure plans and funding requirements whilst maintaining adequate financial flexibility. The Board of Directors may revisit the dividend policy from time to time

Registrar & auditor


DNB Bank ASA, Global Companies Registrars Section
P.O. Box 1600 Sentrum
0021 Oslo, Norway

Contact details:
Stig Tore Strøm, Officer in charge
Tel: +47 23 26 80 28


The Company’s auditor is KPMG AS, with business registration number 935 174 627 in the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises.

Sørkedalsveien 6, 0369 Oslo,