Our culture

We have colleagues working all over the world, yet all share the same passion and dedication to operational excellence, safety and the delivery of high-quality services across the group.

Founded on a culture of respect, empowerment and open dialogue, Odfjell family is known within the energy sector for recruiting people of the highest standards and investing in their ongoing development.​

​We live our core values—creative, competent, result oriented, committed—while always being safety conscious. We may be geographically diverse, but our people share the same passion and dedication to operational excellence, safety and the delivery of high-quality services across the  group.​

In conjunction with safe and effective day-to-day operations, employees have access to a variety of expertise and share responsibility in complex improvement initiatives.  ​

​Odfjell family offers exciting career development opportunities together with competitive terms and benefits. We strive to create a satisfying and motivating workplace with a focus on ongoing learning and development. Our workforce is proud to work for the Odfjell family.​

Odfjell Technology Eivind Romcke

Employee stories

A great place to start

Eivind Rømcke​, Norway Projects & Engineering  ​

We have great variation in work tasks. No two days are the same, yielding high demands for creativity and problem solving which makes for an exciting work week. I work with great colleagues across all positions and disciplines who always value my inputs and opinions. This has been a great place to start my career.

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Odfjell Technology Ernest Kwame Tabir

Employee stories

Building a community

Ernest Kwame Tabiri, Norway Projects & Engineering  ​

Odfjell Technology is a great company with a rich history. Besides the cherished flexible work schedule, the company presents a unique opportunity for me to work with engineers having expertise in both a specialised discipline as well as experience across multiple facets of the energy industry. The company makes a conscious effort to build a community around its employees, supporting an individual’s goals. This offers the means to freely share my ideas and be heard, making me feel valued.

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Odfjell Technology Anita Gjerde

Employee stories

A unique opportunity for involvement

Anita Gjerde​, Norway Projects & Engineering ​

Odfjell Technology offers a unique opportunity for involvement throughout all the phases of a project and we get to work with a great diversity of tasks.

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Odjfell Technology Stuart Sutherland

Employee stories

A career rather than a job

Stuart Sutherland​, UK onshore ​

I have found a place where opportunities are available that allow you to grow and develop as a person. There is an open and honest culture of communication that further supports development and growth of the team overall. This is why I feel I have a career rather than a job which allows me to remain motivated and just as importantly love the job that I have.

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