Technical Integrity Management and Structural Integrity Management of offshore steel structures. Our experience database includes data from more than 600 operational years of mobile offshore units in a harsh environment.

Technical Integrity Management

Maintaining the integrity of a technical system including:

  • Structural Integrity Management of offshore steel structures
  • Risk Based Inspections of MOU pipes and piping
  • Defect evaluation and root cause assessment

Our experience database includes data from more than 600 operational years of MOU in a harsh environment. The data is used for validation and improved prediction of failure potential of structural integrity. The improved predictions provide large cost savings.
Reference is made to +15 scientific article and reports from our structural integrity discipline specialist.

Special Periodic Surveys

Specialist Competence in 5 yearly special periodic surveys of MOUs

  • Specialist competence in establishing SPS inspection work packages
  • Limiting use of Original Equipment Manufacturer where possible
  • Maximising offshore time to reduce time spent in the yard
  • Trust and open communication with class and authorities
  • Strong relationships with 3rd party vendors

Maintenance Systems

A team of highly skilled personnel in all aspects of building, maintaining and optimizing maintenance management, including:

  • Maintenance System Architects
  • Digital Maintenance Engineers
  • Digital Solutions Architects and Analysts


  • Maintenance & Test Programs – PM plan, scheduling, measurements, data collection, Maintenance strategies, Performance standards and Barrier Management
  • CMMS Setup – Equipment hierarchy, maintenance process, fault reporting coding, deferral process, routine register, object coding, location properties
  • Analysis – RAMS, LCC/LCP, Consequence Classification, FMECA, RCM, Spare Part
  • Reporting and Optimization – KPIs, Maintenance Efficiency, Maintenance Analysis, Classification and Authority reports

Compliance Assurance

Our Compliance Assurance Services consists of experts on flag states, port states and the requirements of petroleum authorities in different countries all over the world.

Provision of surveys and asset audits to prepare them for safety and GAP analyses relating to suggested operating areas. Provision of modifications required in order to meet  contractual requirements and to achieve an acknowledgment of compliance (AOC certificate) from the authorities.


  • Compliance services with regards to flag state, port state and class society
  • Survey and audits of assets
  • Safety Case Assessments
  • Modification projects based on end-customer requirements
  • Certified lead assessors (ISO 9001/ISO 14001)