QHSSE is central to everything we do. Through a relentless pursuit of the very best QHSSE standards, we can not only safeguard health and environment, but also continuously enhance our business and ensure high quality deliveries for our clients around the world.

Safe and sustainable operations

Odfjell Technology has delivered good HSSE results in 2023 with no serious injuries or HIPOs and improvement in our KPIs. This work demands persistent attention, with total involvement and participation of the entire workforce. Quality in our operations is crucial for our growth and expansion ambitions, and we need to ensure continuous improvement day after day.

Our 2024 QHSSE programme is a continuation of the leading initiatives from our 2023 programme:

– Assuring competence and capacity in line with our growth strategy and high level of activity.
– Further strengthening our QHSSE culture and working environment.
– Ensuring efficient risk management processes.
– Focusing high attention on security and cyber security threats.

In 2024 we will continue to work systematically with ESG to fully understand new applicable ESG laws and regulations, educating and supporting internal stakeholders to satisfy the requirements, and ensuring transparency and compliance.

I encourage all of you to support the programme and to never compromise on safety.

Simen Lieungh


HSE Policy

Odfjell Technology shall maintain the highest safety standard and protect the health of our employees and others associated with our operations. Operations shall be conducted according to sound and environmental principles and in a manner to minimise any adverse environmental impact.

Quality Policy

Odfjell Technology shall provide its customers with quality and innovative products and services meeting external and internal requirements and expectations.

Security Policy

Odfjell Technology shall protect its personnel, assets, and business from potential security threats, including cybersecurity threats. Security is an integral part of line management responsibility; the security and protection of employees must be the overriding priority of all business activities.

Life saving rules

Everyone at Odfjell Technology works to a set of life-saving rules, designed to reduce the risk of harm when working in challenging conditions

Environmental principles

The following environmental principles supporting the HSE Policy are defined:

  • Use energy and other natural resources efficiently
  • Minimise waste generation and promote reduce, reuse, and recycle opportunities
  • Work systematically to replace or reduce harmful chemicals
  • Integrate environmental considerations into planning and development of new activities and products
  • Consider environmental performance in selecting suppliers and contractors

HSE Rules

  • I will always comply with rules and procedures
  • I will always risk assess my work
  • I will always act when I see unsafe behaviour and conditions

Compliance with the HSE rules is a personal responsibility

Human Performance Principles

The following human performance principles supporting the HSE Policy are defined:

  • Error is normal
  • Blame fixes nothing
  • Learning and improving is vital
  • Context drives behaviour
  • How leaders react matters

QHSSE Programme 2024

Quality Performance

– Assure competence & capacity
– Simplify & standardise
– Digitalise tools & processes
– Improve risk management

Always Safe

– Strengthen the QHSSE culture
– Prevent well control incidents
– Reduce dropped objects
– Protect and strengthen the working environment

Security Conscious

– Safeguard people, assets and operations
– Enhance cyber security awareness

Environmental Care

– Minimise environmental impact
– Optimise energy management

key performance indicators 2024

Quality Performance

– Zero red incidents
– Zero overdue non-conformities
– NPT < 0.5% (Well Services)
– Technical rig uptime > 98%
– 85% completed course matrix

Always Safe

– Zero red incidents
– Zero well control incidents
– LTI frequency = 0
– TRI frequency < 2
– Frequency < 3 for dropped objects > 40J
– Sickness absence < 3 or 20% reduction
– Work environment survey score > 75%

Security Conscious

– Zero red incidents
– 90% completed cyber security awareness training
– Zero password entry on phishing tests
– Zero security breaches

Environmental Care

– Zero red incidents
– Zero spills to sea and land
– Waste diverted from disposal by reuse, recycling or recovery > 90%*
– Reduce use of ad-hoc/express transport/shipment by 5%
– Reduce/replace hazardous chemicals with minimum 2 on each unit

  • *Waste under OTL operational control and where infrastructure and technology is available
  • Additional Key Performance Indicators may be established at business area level

ISO Certificates