Case Study: ArdVAC™ Venturi Junk XTractR in the UAE

Published 16.10.2023

by Ian Low, Product Line Manager – Wellbore Cleanup

In the challenging world of wellbore management, the efficient retrieval of debris is a critical aspect of ensuring the integrity and safety of operations. Often, conventional methods fall short when it comes to capturing and retrieving debris that cannot be easily circulated out of the wellbore. Odfjell Technology recognised this challenge and sought to address it with the ArdVAC Venturi Junk XTractrR for a client in the UAE.

Odfjell Technology developed the ArdVAC Venturi Junk XTractrR, a highly specialised tool designed to tackle the unique problem of capturing and retrieving stubborn wellbore debris. It efficiently removes junk and debris from the wellbore to quickly allow operations to resume.

The ArdVAC Venturi Junk XTractrR offers a range of benefits to wellbore management operations:

Efficient Debris Retrieval

The tool excels at capturing and retrieving debris that traditional methods struggle with, minimising the risk of wellbore complications.

Enhanced Safety

By effectively removing potentially hazardous debris, the tool contributes to a safer working environment for wellbore professionals.

Optimised Wellbore Integrity

Efficient debris retrieval supports the overall integrity and reliability of the wellbore.


Minimising debris-related issues can lead to significant cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

The ArdVAC Venturi Junk XTractrR from Odfjell Technology is a game-changing tool that revolutionises wellbore debris retrieval. It efficiently removes junk and debris from the wellbore to quickly allow operations to resume allows it to efficiently capture and retrieve debris that would otherwise pose operational risks. By prioritising safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, this tool has become an invaluable asset in the realm of wellbore management, ensuring the reliability and integrity of operations.

About Odfjell Technology:

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