• Offshore Surveys
  • Prefabrication
  • Hook up and decommissioning of 3rd party equipment
  • Rigging & Lifting
  • Inspection & testing
  • MC/Commissioning

Experienced and highly qualified installation supervisors with a track record in construction work from the North Sea and international operations. Multi skilled teams consisting of mechanical and electro supervisors; mechanics, welders, industrial pipefitters, electricians, NDT inspectors, RAT team, riggers & lifting specialists, ISO personnel (scaffolders, painters etc).
Simultaneous with other activities offshore, we can also perform survey and inspection services, from rig condition surveys, traditional and advanced NDT services, to mechanical and electrical services.

  • Dropped Object Prevention Specialists
  • Rigging & Lifting
  • Risk Based Inspection & Baseline
  • Inspection Services
  • Hose Management
  • SPS & Yearly Classification Inspection Projects