DrillRDillo™ Drilling Scraper – Integrity and efficiency combined

Published 03.10.2021

The client was looking for a solution to drill a highly deviated deep well (14,000 ft) through numerous depleted zones, which increased the risk for losses and differential sticking. In addition, there was also a requirement to scrape a lower completion packer setting depth inside the 9-5/8” casing.


OWS supplied the DrillRdillo (DRD), a 360° contact robust scraper tool that withstands harsh drilling conditions. With the DRD in the BHA and the knowledge that this expandable scraper has been thoroughly tested under extreme drilling conditions, the client can focus entirely on drilling this challenging well, and also save a dedicated WBCU trip.


While drilling the well to total depth, the client experienced a loss of signal with MWD tools and decided to pull out of the hole. An overpull of 25,000 lbs was observed due to differential sticking. They activated the drilling jar with 25,000- 30,000 lbs overpull to free the pipe, but the pipe was stuck. Consequently, they attempted to rotate the pipe with a torque limit set at 30,000 ft/lbs with no success, so they continued jarring for the next 10 hours.

The team decided to pump and soak the well with deep clean pills. While working the string, they finally managed to get it free.

Finally, having the DRD in the string, the client executed all desired contingency plans to free the drilling BHA. We managed the full operations safely with zero incidents and completed the job successfully.


  • We saved the client 34 hours of dedicated WBCU operations with an approximate value of $375,000.
  • During the 10+hours of jarring operations, the DRD scraper remained in dormant mode.
  • The DrillRdillo Expandable Scraper returned to the surface in good condition.
  • The DrillRdillo offers clients an expandable casing scraper that does not limit their drilling operations even in the harshest conditions.

Topics: Wellbore CleanUp

By: Ian Low

Ian has worked globally in the Oil & Gas industry for over 20 years. Currently based in the UAE, he has previously managed various operations in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. Ian demonstrates and delivers a vast range of knowledge and experience from his various positions covering services such as completions and wellbore clean-up (WBCU). He is currently Product Line Manager for Well Interventions Odfjell Well Services.

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