How to do BOP and marine riser clean up in fewest possible runs

Published 13.05.2015

Premature completion failure caused by debris interfering with valves, electronics and hardware is an ever-present threat. A robust clean up of the BOP and riser is proven to reduce this threat and the non-productive time during the completion of the well. By careful planning and the use of modern, effective methods, your pre-completion clean-up process will save you time and money.

Run three wellbore cleanup operations in one

By using a modularly clean-up string, the process of cleaning the marine riser and the BOP can be done by letting several different tools work together in one string. This highly effective clean-up string reduces the number of runs and therefore valuable time executing the completion.

    • The upper part of the clean-up assembly contains string brushes, junk basket and wipers (all in one) to remove debris from the riser walls while running in and out of the hole.
    • The middle tool on the clean-up assembly induces turbulence and assist with BOP cleaning. This jetting tool creates a flow that easily jets and cleans the cavities of the BOP and assist in carrying the debris to the surface.
    • The bottom part of a clean-up string captures any dislodged debris that can otherwise fall down hole. 

Let’s talk numbers

Reducing the number of trips needed to perform a decent clean up, is a very effective way of reducing NPT. Depending on the water depth, you can save days compared to pulling the BOP to the platform for cleaning. Given the average rig rate of 500 000 dollars a day, this method represents a significant potential for cutting expenses and increasing the economical outcome of a project.

Topics: Wellbore CleanUp

By: Simon Leiper

Simon Leiper has worked in the wellbore clean-up industry for 15 years. He leads the wellbore cleaning product line with Odfjell Well Services and is the inventor of multiple Odfjell patent applications. He has an HND in Mechanical Engineering and has worked and lived in international locations.

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