Odfjell Technology prepares for inaugural visit to Norway’s largest annual energy fair

Published 17.10.2022

By: Elisabeth Haram, EVP Well Services

Norway. For decades, a world-leading innovator in technologies that have forged and advanced the global oil and gas industry. Now, as the world transitions from fossil fuels towards clean energy, Norway finds itself at the epicentre of this evolution, pioneering new innovations that could solve the energy trilemma.

Odfjell Technology Limited – a new name but one that is synonymous with 50 years of engineering and design expertise – is already part of that solution. That’s why we will play a pivotal role in Norway’s largest annual energy fair, OTD Energy, making our inaugural appearance at this year’s event and sponsoring the student zone.

The event is strategically important for Odfjell Technology because we will be surrounded by like-minded contemporaries. 70% of the companies attending OTD Energy have, like us, an active desire to lead the transition towards renewables. This event is a superb opportunity to seek out new collaborations and demonstrate our willingness to engage with suppliers to bring about change.

We believe we can draw on the strength of our maritime and oil and gas heritage – industries in which we pioneered early changes and innovation – and apply that responsiveness and creative mindset to support those investing in green energy ventures, from offshore wind and hydrogen to geothermal and electrification.

Although Odfjell Technology only officially came to life earlier this year, we have already established a track record on delivering innovative solutions as part of the drive to net zero.

For example, we have developed a unique tool for screening oil and gas installations to establish a baseline for energy consumption and emissions. Once the baseline is understood, our experts identify the most cost-effective measures to optimize operations and reduce environmental footprint.

Our multi-discipline project teams can then ensure the safe and efficient engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning of these measures, making Odfjell Technology a one-stop shop.

Another major innovation in which we have played a key role is the development of the world’s first DNV-approved design for floating offshore wind turbines, while our Well Services team is focused on carbon emission reduction by developing products and services that make well delivery more efficient.  

As part of our drive towards the green shift, we see the need for increased access to minerals and metals. We’re actively seeking opportunities in this sector to ensure we can be at the forefront of developments.

OTD Energy is critical because of the opportunities to meet the supplier industry and establish new value chains. We want to strengthen existing relationships, and build new partnerships with companies operating in the renewable and low carbon space.

Another reason we are focused on OTD Energy is for its ability to connect us with the next generation of industry workers and tomorrow’s brightest minds. Odfjell Technology is successful today because it has been able to recruit and retain talented individuals who have adapted their mindset from shipping and oil and gas and are applying their critical thinking to the new energy challenge. As we grow, so too does the need to expand our team.

Odfjell Technology is the main sponsor of the OTD Energy Students area, and we hope to connect with those who want to be part of our journey in pioneering solutions for a net zero future. We have big ambitions, and we want to recruit people who share those aspirations.

Over the past 12 months, the conversation around new energy has gained added impetus. It is no longer only focused on decarbonisation and the race to net zero: now we must also increase our focus on the security and affordability of our global energy supply.

These are not issues that can be solved by one player alone. It is going to take the collective will of industry, fresh thinking and a pioneering spirit. As Odfjell Technology continues moving into the green energy space, we know the connections we make at OTD Energy will be fundamental in allowing us to reach our full potential.

Elisabeth Haram is Executive Vice President Well Services at Odfjell Technology Ltd. She was appointed to the role in 2022, following an impactful 18-year career with Odfjell Drilling. She holds a Master of Science degree in Industrial Economics from the University of Stavanger.

Odfjell Technology is a people company that combines 50 years of industry experience with the technology of tomorrow. An integrated supplier of offshore operations, well services technology and engineering solutions, delivering safe, efficient, and sustainable operations, reducing time, cost, and carbon emissions.

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