Reliability and trust provide foundation for industry-leading problem solving

Published 13.05.2024

Things don’t always go to plan. That’s why Odfjell Technology’s fishing and remedial team offers the right solution in every situation.

Safe and reliable well intervention services, built on a foundation of experience and expertise, can make the difference between success and failure for an oil and gas industry seeking optimal results and minimal downtime.

To that end, fishing and remedial services play a crucial role in keeping well projects on track. And positive outcomes in that segment are the driving force behind Odfjell Technology’s suite of troubleshooting solutions, our proven, reliable and cost-effective tool offering, and our specialised, world-beating operational team.

We understand the project landscape, we work closely with our customers to identify the shape of any challenge and their individual needs, and we have a track record of delivering innovative fishing and side-tracking solutions.

From identification of problem parameters through to execution of the ideal strategy for resolution, Odfjell Technology is perfectly positioned to be your partner of choice.

Knowledge is power

For Odfjell Technology, fishing and sidetrack solutions are built from an informed base, assessed by a professional advisor using key measurements, equipment specifications, drill string working limits, and an array of tools including spears, overshot, bumper subs, fishing jars and accelerators.

Our experienced team gets beneath the skin of the operation that was being conducted at the time of equipment getting lost or stuck, and applies true data and a heritage of problem-solving to devise a forward plan of action.

Because no two jobs are exactly alike, whether stuck-pipe incidents, salvage of lost drilling tools, wellbore debris, equipment failures and retrieval, wellbore integrity and well control, loss circulation, well deviation or human error.

And that applies across different hole conditions, mud types and tool availability. Which leaves operators and Odfjell Technology fully armed to make the right decision, in the shortest possible time, to get a project back in gear with minimal downtime.

Winning is contagious

We are proud to have successfully completed – on behalf of a range of customers, both onshore and off, in a variety of geographies – hundreds of fishing and remedial operations across nearly 20 years.

These include plug and abandonments, whipstock operations, cut and retrieve, and pure fishing operations for components including – but not limited to – bottom hole assemblies, liners, packers, well control, casings, wireline tools, DST strings, scrapers and guns.

Supported, of course, by the shared heritage, combined competence and significant synergies provided across the wider Odfjell family of companies, and a tried-and-trusted supply chain with which we have long-standing, well-honed and cooperative relationships.

All of which pays forward for our clients – a positive, pragmatic and performance-based philosophy designed to address any problem with efficiency, economy and execution.

Reputation and relationships

Successful fishing and remedial operation are, after all, built on experience, expertise and a comprehensive understanding of project specifics – a solution based on anything else is nothing more than guesswork.

Odfjell Technology has spent decades building a reputation as a trusted partner, forging relationships across multiple markets with the most demanding of industry clients, and executing troubleshooting, problem-solving operations that achieve rapid, cost-effective results.

Because anywhere in the world, at any time, the unrivalled fishing and remedial team at Odfjell Technology is ready to help make every project, however challenging, a success.


Bryan Forbes

MEA Operation Support Manager/Operations Manager Turkmenistan

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