Teamwork central to unleashing project potential

Published 26.07.2023

Culture, heritage and outlook key when selecting well intervention partner

Well intervention is a critical component in the ongoing success story of oil and gas in the North Sea, Norwegian Continental Shelf and beyond.

The latest technology opens the door to increased recovery rates, more efficient deployment of existing infrastructure and vastly reduced carbon emissions when compared to newbuild production.

Intervention also boasts an economic profile that dovetails with ongoing constraints across resource and human capital. And for end of life operations, well intervention technology is key to plug and abandonment at the scale and speed required to meet industry demand.

Odfjell Technology understands that customers require certainty, trust and capability from well intervention services, and stands ready to work together to deliver best-practice solutions across oil and gas. Because choosing the right partner is critical.

Your perfect partner

A variety of factors are essential to the success of any well intervention project, whether for slot recovery, plug and abandonment, wider well services or some combination.

Culture is of course key. That includes health and safety, reflecting a proper respect for the workforce, the environment and the customer, as well as a willingness to embrace new ways of working and the development of innovative technology and practice.

Heritage is equally important. Expertise offshore cannot be replaced by flashy language and shiny brochures. Time-served, lessons learned, respect earned and experience accumulated and leveraged – that is the core element of success for any well intervention.

And of course outlook: change is a constant for an oil and gas industry adapting to the shifting economic, carbon and environmental challenges of the energy transition. Flexibility, agility and a willingness to adapt and evolve will be increasingly crucial in the decades ahead.

The ideal partner combines those three elements in everything they do, from the right technology to a proven track record of success, from engagement in the development of bespoke solutions to an unwavering commitment to targeted results.

Execution and insight

An example of our expertise in action, and the learnings applied, was a stuck bottom hole assembly (BHA) complicated by operational constraints, limited space in the wellbore, safety concerns and the cost of what – without prompt action – would otherwise have been extended non-productive time.

The 8.5-inch BHA included drill collars, drill pipes and other necessary tools and because it was immobile despite a range of conventional methods, the decision was taken to apply cut-off techniques. Severing the drill pipe above the stuck point would, we knew, require specialized cutting tools, careful planning and skilled personnel.

Decisions were based on a detailed analysis of the BHA and wellbore conditions, assessment of structural integrity of the BHA components, and evaluation of the available cutting technologies and equipment. A specialized cutter was selected based on its ability to operate in challenging downhole environments and to deliver precise cuts.

Execution included rigging of the wireline severing tool assembly, predetermined positioning of the cutter, activation for a controlled, precise cut that avoided damage to the wellbore or surrounding equipment, and verification of success by retrieval of the cut portion. Operations resumed promptly and NPT was minimal.

The insight gained was significant, including into the analysis and planning for technique and equipment, and the monitoring of drilling parameters such as weight on bit and torque to determine signs of impending BHA sticking. Collaboration was also key – between drilling engineers, field personnel and equipment vendors.

Above all, the solution deployed by Odfjell Technology was safe, efficient and time-critical, leveraging innovative techniques and a teamwork mindset.

Proven experience

Odfjell Technology has built its market offering on 50 years of experience delivering the highest standard of solutions to the most demanding of customers in the harshest of environments.

Our well intervention services are designed to align with industry priorities, and can be delivered as a rigless solution or from a modular unit – freeing existing infrastructure to perform the heavier lifting jobs, to drill new wells, to avoid downtime on the back of increased visibility about barrier status.

The full range of downhole services can be supplied by Odfjell Techology and its delivery partners, translating into a complete workscope for our customers and a package of tailored solutions for each operation.

This extends to drilling tool rental, casing drilling, tubular running services, engineering, construction and installation.

And there is no complacency about the road ahead. We understand the imperative of change over the decades to come: developing the smart solutions, the bespoke technologies and the next-generation tools that will help to meet a global demand for energy that is secure, affordable and sustainable.

Challenge accepted

The next challenge is never far away in oil and gas. The call for a new way of working, a different perspective, a twist in the tale – evolution remains a constant in an industry that has repeatedly risen to every occasion.

Well intervention offers a package of solutions to a range of energy transition demands, from emission reductions to increased recovery, from accelerated delivery to infrastructure efficiencies, from security of supply to ongoing affordability.

Odfjell Technology understands the drivers behind this trend. It has the experience and expertise to meet the need, and offers the solutions tailored to meet customer requirements.

Further, and crucially, we have our eyes on the horizon. And we are proud to be developing and delivering tomorrow’s tools and services today.

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