The DrillRdillo™ eliminates a trip and saves client $100k

Published 09.08.2019

Odfjell Well Services’ DrillRdillo™ Multi-Application Scraper was recently mobilized to Cameroon. Through the use of a combined drilling and wellbore cleanout BHA, the IOC was able to drill out a bridge plug, cement plugs and complete a wellbore clean-up in one trip.
The wellbore element of the BHA consisted of the DrillRdillo™ and a MAGStar4 HD Casing Magnet.
As this job was the first of its’ kind for the client, OWS provided an Offshore Wellbore Cleanout Supervisor to support the operation. The job was completed successfully with all objectives achieved.

MAGStar4 HD Casing Magnet

MAGStar4 HD Casing Magnet                                         DrillRdilloTM Casing Scraper

Key Milestones Achieved

  • The DrillRdillo™ was run as part of the drilling string to drill out a bridge plug at a depth of 140mMD and two cement plugs at various depths (800mMD – 1246mMD).
  • The DrillRdillo™ was then activated via its’ ball drop system at 1,246mMD with pressure shear at 1,950psi and flow to bit.
  • The DrillRdillo™ was reciprocated at 40rpm from 1152mMD to 1122mMD, scraping the GP packer setting depth and deburred the previously perforated zone.
  • Reciprocation at 40rpm was continued from 1162mMD to 1192mMD, scraping the sump packer setting depth.
  • Recovered 20Kg of ferrous material from the wellbore using the MAGStar4 HD Casing Magnet.
  • Eliminated a standalone wellbore trip, thus saving rig time equating to a monetary value of $100k.
Picture:  Ferrous material collected with the MAGStar4 HD Casing Magnet.
Picture:  Ferrous material collected with the MAGStar4 HD Casing Magnet.

Topics: Drilling Equipment, Casing Preparation, completion

By: Ian Low

Ian has worked globally in the Oil & Gas industry for over 20 years. Currently based in the UAE, he has previously managed various operations in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. Ian demonstrates and delivers a vast range of knowledge and experience from his various positions covering services such as completions and wellbore clean-up (WBCU). He is currently Product Line Manager for Well Interventions Odfjell Well Services.

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