The Well Blog’s top 10 blog posts of 2015

Published 27.12.2015

Christmas has come to a close, the presents have all been opened, and the years nearly over… and what a great year it’s been for The Well Blog. Thanks to you guys, our readers, we have had an incredible year of blogging. Back in April when we launched, 600 of you visited in that first month. Now, just this month, more than 10,000 of you have viewed our posts! We’ve really enjoyed sharing our knowledge and hope that from it you may have learned a thing or two.
Since April we have published over 50 articles and here are the top 10 most read.

10. Casing While Drilling (Level 2) in Romania. Experiences so far

In October Alexandru Gomoescu published this post sharing some experiences. He showed us track records and highlighted why CwD has been such a success in Romania.

9. How to choose the right drill pipe
Coming in closely behind at number 9 was Detlef Proschold’s post all about choosing the right pipe. Here he covers questions you should take into consideration when making your decisions.

8. The importance of cleaning your BOP
Stephen Mair wrote this popular post back in May. He told us how our mums taught us the importance of brushing our teeth. Obviously he covered other important practices, like cleaning your BOP. 

7. Hole openers: When your black gold is between a rock and a hard place
Boulders, bore-holes and the Barents Sea were topics covered in this great post by Tor Helge Hestetun & Trond Inge Mitchell back in August. If you find your black gold between a rock and hard place, you should check it out.

6. Inflow (Negative) Testing – Why & how?
In May Stephen Mair gave us an insight into Inflow (Negative) Testing. He talks about when, why and how it should be performed. 

5. What is Casing Drilling (Casing while drilling, CwD)?
Alexandru Gomoescu’s post in September told us how the main purpose of Casing Drilling, or Casing while Drilling (CwD) is to eliminate classic casing runs and isolate formations while drilling.

4. Should we own or should we rent drilling equipment?
This was the forth most popular post by Frode Bjørheim published in April. So, should we own or should we rent drilling equipment? Check out the post for answers.

3. Drilling thread types for dummies
Another post by Frode Bjørheim hits the top ten. In September he talked all about Drilling thread types. Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran, this is great read.

2. Casing Make-Up Torque and Turn
Close behind the top spot is Robert Koendering’s post from September. To master the art of applying correct make up torque and turn, you need to master quite a few other skills and here he outlines the most important aspects influencing the make up.

1. Top Drive Casing Running – Why would you look for anything else?
And finally, the most popular blog post of the year was by Cato Gjesdal. Back in April he asked us why we would look for anything other than Top Drive Casing running? If you’d like to know the answer have a read of this great post.

So that’s it for the top ten posts and that’s it for another year. Once again I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read the articles and leave comments, it’s always great to get feedback.
Next year here at Odfjell Well Services, we’ll be writing six posts per month as usual and I’m very excited about a few new topics we have in the pipeline, (excuse the pun) including QHSE and Competance so stay tuned for them.

Finally, I’d like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and happy holidays!

By: Per Lund

Per has 20 years’ experience from operations, technology development, business development and management positions in the oil and gas industry. His background is from well services, well abandonment and subsea services, working across Europe, Gulf of Mexico, Middle East, Africa and Asia. Per is Senior Vice President – Innovation and special projects in Odfjell Drilling.

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