The Well Blog’s top 10 blog posts of 2016

Published 22.12.2016

Christmas is coming, and 2016 is will soon be history. It has been an excellent year on The Well Blog thanks to you faithful readers out there making more than 132.000 visits to read our articles. That is more than 30% increase from last year. We like to think that this proves the blog’s relevance and that the articles resonate well with our audience.
Since January, we have published 32 articles and here are the top 10 most read, starting from # 10.

10. Can Robotics on Rig Floor Make a Difference in Drilling Performance?

Per Lund looked forward in this article from April where he discusses where we are on automation on our modern 6th generation rigs today.

9. Efficient drill floor handling with Flush Mounted Spider
In this article, also from April, Robert Kondering talks about the best option when dealing with heavy-weight strings.

8. The birth of a drilling scraper: Technology boosts WBCU efficiency
2016 was the year of a great invention in WBCU-technology: The OWS-patented drilling scraper, the DrillRdilloTM . The man sitting closest to the development process, Simon Leiper, reveals its secrets in this article from March.

7. Unbreakable connection? Here’s your quickest fix
In this blog post from August, Øyvind Borgen provides us with a safe and efficient way of handling P&A jobs with obstinate connections.

6. Can a competent drilling crew also be used to run casing?
How to ake advantage of the crew already present on the rig? Hilde Gabrielsen gives you the answer in this article from January.

5. Identifying Casing / Tubing is imperative to safe casing running
In this article from April, I highlight a very important part of a casing crew’s job; identifying the pipe and ensuring all equipment and tools are within the specs to handle and make up the connections.

4. What is a BX elevator?
Arnt Joar Arnøy talks about the versatility of the BX-Elevator in this article from February.

3. Confessions of a veteran: Why I would have used the CRT
I try to bust some myths about the CRT in this article from July

2. Classification versus strength of drill pipe
This year’s firs blog post was a great start. Frode Bjørheims article on drill pipe classification nearly made it to the top of the most read articles of 2016.

1. The intelligent drill floor robots are coming to your drilling rig
And finally, the most popular blog post of the year was by Per Lund. His inspiring article about the future drilling rig was the most read article on The Well Blog in 2016. This article was also picked up by other publications in the industry. Unfortunately without crediting the author.

So that’s it for the top ten posts, and that’s it for another year. Once again I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read the articles and leave comments, it’s always great to get feedback.

I hope we continue to stay in touch here on The well Blog the coming year, and I’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

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By: Hans Petter Moen

Hans Petter Moen has more than 30 years’ experience from the offshore / onshore oil & gas industry as Drilling Section Leader and Drilling Supervisor. He is currently Adviser Marketing, Technology & Operations at Odfjell Well Services.

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