Odfjell Technology completes 100th successful run of its best-in-class DrillRdillo™ Drilling Scraper

Published 14.03.2022

Odfjell Technology is delighted to announce that its industry-leading DrillRdillo™ casing scraper tool has recently completed its 100th successful run.

This tool was designed by Odfjell Technology to be run in a drilling BHA in a switched-off dormant mode while drilling open-hole sections. Though the initial design was primarily for a drilling scraper capable of eliminating the need for a dedicated scraper run, the DrillRdillo™ is now widely recognised in the industry for its ability to deliver time-saving solutions for completions, remedial and de-commissioning applications.

The robust design of DrillRdillo™ allows it to be included in a drilling work string without any risk of pre-activating the tool. After completing drilling operations, the DrillRdillo™ is pulled back inside the casing shoe for activation to prepare the lower completion/liner packer setting areas by either reciprocation, rotation, or both.

Features of the product include:

  • 12 robust scraper blades providing 360° coverage of the casing wall
  • Blades are retained within the body to prevent damage or sticking during drilling operations
  • A simple and reliable ball drop is used to activate the blades
  • Single piece body made from high strength steel
  • Carbide faced ribs for robustness

The benefits of using DrillRdillo™, as reported by users include:

  • Eliminates the need for a dedicated scraper run
  • Reduces time spent between drilling to target depth and running completions
  • Mitigates premature lower completion failure

Since its release to a national oil company in Malaysia in 2014, the DrillRdillo™ has gone from strength to strength and saved thousands of Rig hours, enabling operators to reduce their costs significantly by saving dedicated scraper trips for casing preparation.

“We are privileged to have the opportunity to complete our 100th successful run of the DrillRdillo™,” said Ian Low, Global Product Line Manager of Well Intervention. “Today’s market dictates a new level of cost-effectiveness in wellbore delivery. Operators who want to save money have to save time. A Drilling BHA that includes the DrillRdillo™ will eliminate the requirement for a dedicated scraper run which is imperative for the operator who wants to deliver wells more efficiently at the current oil price.” 

A future-focused organisation, Odfjell Technology has continued efforts to further improve the DrillRdillo™ Drilling Scraper and has recently launched the Mk4 version with additional features to enhance its performance and operating parameters.

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