Odfjell Technology successfully delivers Rigless Intervention Services for ESP Installation in Romania

Published 10.03.2022

Odfjell Technology is pleased to announce that its Romania well services division has successfully completed the delivery of rigless intervention services for ESP installation for a Romanian client.

The project was executed in collaboration with the company’s Netherlands well services division. A reputable name in the global upstream oilfield service sector, Odfjell Technology is rated highly for its expertise in tubular running, rental, and well intervention services. The company currently has 14 operating bases servicing contracts in over 30 countries.

Rigless techniques for well intervention services are performed without using the conventional workover rig and can be used for performing downhole applications in live wells. A well may require intervention due to flow restrictions, sand production, changes in reservoir characteristics, mechanical failure, or access to additional hydrocarbon pay zones. During well interventions, some downhole applications are performed, including well surveillance and diagnostics, reservoir management, completion repair and re-entry drilling for reaching new production intervals.

Interestingly, the just-completed project by Odfjell Technology is the company’s first-ever rigless intervention project in Romania. However, the company has successfully completed over 150 rigless jobs in the Netherlands over the last four years. The project’s scope involved providing a cost-effective solution for the installation of ESP in a geothermal project.

To provide time and cost savings on both rig spread and transportation charges for this project, Odfjell Technology proposed the Rigless Intervention Skid. This proposed solution turned out to be the perfect fit and suitable for this project’s scope.

“We, at Odfjell Technology, are delighted to announce that we have successfully delivered a cost-effective solution for the installation of ESP to a Romanian Geothermal project, which also happens to be our first-ever Rigless Intervention Project in Romania. Our company is and will always remain fully committed to supporting and developing more sustainable sources of energy supply,” said Alexandru Gomoescu, Regional Manager for CESEE.

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