OTL – Delivery of distributed shares

Published 30.03.2022

Reference is made to the stock exchange announcement by Odfjell Technology Ltd (the “Company”, OSE: OTL) on 23 March 2022 regarding the distribution of shares in the Company to the shareholders of Odfjell Drilling Ltd. (“Odfjell Drilling”).

The distributed shares have been delivered to the VPS accounts of the relevant Odfjell Drilling shareholders. Out of the Company’s in total 39,463,867 issued shares, 39,462,390 shares have been distributed to relevant shareholders of Odfjell Drilling, while the remaining 1,477 shares are kept by Odfjell Drilling due to rounding down.

For further queries, please contact: Gillian Basson, Corporate Secretary +44 (0)7796 547889 Aberdeen, United Kingdom 30 March 2022 Odfjell Technology Ltd

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