Conventional Casing & Tubing Running

Hands off the casing string! At Odfjell Well Services we invest a lot in keeping hands off the string and operators away from red zone. As a natural concequence we develop remotely radio controlled casing equipment.

Economical gains and safety actually goes hand in hand, as a totally hands free casing operation also increases efficiency.

  • Most of the operation can be executed by the driller, reducing the need for specialized TRS crews.
  • Automating repeated tasks throughout every section reduces production time by hours.
  • Integrated tools like the Scissor Table are easily adjusted prior to running a new section.

By using radio-operated equipment you potentially reduce a four-man operation to a two-man operation. We focus on safety, but it is really hard to overlook the economical benefits of radio operated casing equipment.

A world class supplier like Odfjell Well Services has to be in front of equipment development, but more importantly we put huge efforts in delivering world class TRS expertise to our clients.

The integrity of the well is at stake. Although new equipment reduces the numbers of TRS technicians needed for an operation, there is always a demand for an expertise who masters tubulars, threads, make-up and graph interpretation. Our TRS crews are thoroughly trained and highly skilled to service in the high-risk/low failure-margin field of casing oil and gas wells.