Directional Casing While Drilling

Simpler, smarter well construction.

Casing while Drilling (CwD) eliminates conventional methods of drilling and casing as separate functions and combines them into one seamless operation. OWS offers the newest and most advanced directional CWD system available on the global market.

Directional Casing while Drilling on long horizontal sections, can we really do that? No problem.

Enhanced Casing Installation (ECI) is a Retrievable Casing while Drilling(RCwD) system enables the use of a directional drilling assembly securely locked onto the end of the casing string, to be used to drill and case the section simultaneously and retrieved back to surface upon completion of the section. The ECI system consists of a Lock Down Device that secures the BHA to the casing string and allows for the use of a short drilling assembly, including a compact underreamer placed directly above the bit. The use of composite ‘see-through’ casing joints allows for MWD and basic LWD tools to be placed inside the casing instead of below, resulting in the minimum of BHA ‘stick-out’. This results in optimal and consistent directional drilling performance thanks to the excellent stabilization and weight transfer when using casing instead of drill pipe to drill. Steerable mud motor assemblies or more advanced drilling assemblies can be used depending on the application. Upon reaching final casing depth, the ECI drilling assembly is retrieved by cable or drill pipe and replaced by a pump down float so that you can immediately start cementation. Casing while Drilling is not only a solution for problematic well sections, but can offer considerable time and cost savings over conventional drilling practices. With ECI technology its now possible to drill wells drillpipe free and overcome well challenges that were not through possible.