DTectR™ Inflow Test Packer

The DTectR™ Inflow Test Packer is a simple but effective well integrity testing device which performs a negative pressure test on a liner top. The design of the tool allows the test to be performed during wellbore cleaning operations, eliminating the need for a separate trip in hole.


  • Generous internal bypass allows prevents damage to the packing element whilst circulating at high rates required for wellbore cleaning
  • Shear screws can be customized to suit requirements
  • Set by string compression applied through the tool joints
  • Compression spring returns tool to unset position after picking up
  • Robust assembly method with back-ups
  • Compatible with other OWS ArmRdillo™ wellbore clean-up tools


  • Cost savings
    • The DTectR™ Inflow Test Packer saves the need for a separate trip in hole to inflow test the liner
  • Integrity
    • Tests the integrity of the liner in a safe manner before the well is displaced
  • Reducing Non-Productive Time
    • Discovering a leaking liner after the completion has been installed may result in a costly workover


  • Pre-completion wellbore clean-ups for where negative testing of a liner is necessary


  • The DTectR™ Inflow Test Packer can be run independently or as part of a comprehensive wellbore clean-up string
  • The DTectR™ Inflow Test Packer is typically spaced out with a Liner Landing Sub or Top Dress Mill below it, which lands out inside the Liner TopPBR
  • Whilst running in the hole, the string can be reciprocated and rotated to allow the scrapers and other tools to clean the critical depths
  • The tool is set by applying compressive force which shears screws allowing the tool to stroke and set the packing element
  • Picking up weight will relax the tool and unset the packing element
  • When required to inflow test, pump predetermined volume of under-balancing fluid into the string and set the packer
  • By bleeding the work string pressure the liner integrity is tested and any leaks will be identified
  • After testing is complete the under-balancing fluid can either be reversed out, or pumped out as part of the displacement to continue the wellbore clean-up operation
  • The OWS Weight Set Circulating Tool can also be run above the DTectR™ Inflow Test Packer if high rate circulation is required to boost annular velocities. When sheared it will open a circulation path above the DTectR™ Inflow Test Packer