MAGVac Fishing Magnet

The MAGVac Fishing Magnet is a robust magnetic junk retrieval tool with reverse circulating technology that sucks junk into a magnetic overshot for safe retrieval to surface.


  • Powerful rare earth magnetic arrangement
  • Available in various OD sizes
  • Integral venturi sucks debris into the magnet overshot


Cost savings

  • Novel magnetic overshot increases the changes of successful junk catching to reduce trips

Increases Well Productivity

  • Allows effective capture of metallic debris that can hinder the operation of completion equipment


  • Standard pin up connections compatible with standard bit subs with no need for additional cross overs

Reducing Non-Productive Time

  • Simple system that can be RIH on existing drillpipe to capture metallic debris that could hinder operation of completion equipment
  • – Reduces premature failure of completion equipment by debris which can interfere with valves, electronics and other hardware


  • Retrieval of dropped objects, completions clamps or metallic debris
  • Workovers to remove milled packers and plug debris


  • The MAGVac Fishing Magnet is RIH on the end of conventional drillpipe to the area of interest with other ArmRdillo™ Wellbore Clean-Up tools above
  • Once spaced out above the area of interest circulation is established to create the Venturi effect. The operator then slacks off slowly while pumping
  • Metallic debris is sucked into the magnet chamber and retained within the tool
  • Once the area has been cleaned, a circulation sub can be opened to allow high rate circulation above the tool, if desired, to perform a displacement or chemical cleanup
  • The MAGVac Fishing Magnet can be quickly emptied at surface to inspect contents and can be redeployed quickly if necessary