RizeRdillo™ Riser Combi Tool

The RizeRdillo™ Riser Combi Tool combines brushing, wiping and debris extraction technology on a robust mandrel to effectively clean subsea drilling risers.


  • Rows of overlapping brushes to scour the riser wall to remove debris
  • Heavy duty elastomeric wiper rings to wipe mud cake
  • Large fluid bypass area to circulate debris to surface
  • High capacity gravity junk basket to capture debris for retrieval at surface
  • Soft blade stabilizers to prevent riser wear
  • Can be quickly emptied for re-run
  • Brushes and wipers can be redressed quickly onsite if required
  • No external bolts, clamps or fasteners that can come loose down hole


  • Cost Savings
    • Maximizing riser cleaning efficiency to reduce operating time and costs on expensive semi-submersibles
    • Field serviceable at the rig with basic hand tools
  • Integrity
    • Available with high torque connections reducing the need for reduced strength crossovers
    • Single piece mandrel with no internal connections for increased strength
  • Reducing Non-Productive Time
    • Reduces premature failure of completion equipment by debris which can interfere or damage valves, electronics and other hardware


  • Deep water pre-completion wellbore clean-ups from semi-submersible drilling units
  • Riser cleaning during displacement to sea water before disconnection or moving from location


  • The RizeRdillo™ Riser Combi Tool is typically run in conjunction with the RizeRdillo™ Advanced Jetting Tool and XTractR™ BOP Junk Catcher or can be run as part of a pre-completion wellbore clean-up string
  • The RizeRdillo™ Riser Combi Tool brushes and wipes the riser wall whilst running in the riser to capture debris that can not be circulated out easily
  • When the riser is displaced the RizeRdillo™ Riser Combi Tool can be rotated and reciprocated to assist in the cleaning action
  • The gravity junk bucket collects debris which cannot be circulated out of the riser for retrieval at surface