ScourRdillo™ Casing Brush

The ScourRdillo™ Casing Brush is a robust, 360° free rotating contact, wellbore clean-up tool and can be run individually or modularly as part of the ArmRdillo™ Wellbore Clean-Up System. The ScourRdillo™ Casing Brush can be adapted to suit any casing size and drill pipe combination.


  • Multiple overlapping wire brush elements which provides 360° contact with the casing wall and generous fluid bypass area for circulation
  • Two fluted Centralizer Rings provide centralization, bypass and protects the brush elements
  • Free rotating tool design with Internal Bearing Rings to prevent drill pipe, tool or casing wear
  • Can be quickly assembled redressed on location or support base with simple hand tools
  • No external bolts, clamps or fasteners that can come loose down hole
  • Robust assembly method with multiple back-ups


  • Cost Savings
    • The ArmRdillo™ Wellbore Clean-Up System has incremental cost savings on logistics, deck space, inspection and maintenance and can also be serviced at the rig-site with basic hand tools
  • Increases Well Productivity
    • A properly executed wellbore clean-up reduces fine debris which can block screens and pore throats reducing well productivity
  • Integrity
    • The ArmRdillo™ Wellbore Clean-Up System can be provided with any type of rig end connections including premium and high torque connections reducing the need for reduced strength crossovers
    • Single piece mandrel with no internal connections for increased strength
  • Reducing Non-Productive Time
  • A robust wellbore clean-up is proven to reduce nonproductive time during the completion of the well
  • Reduces premature failure of completion equipment by debris which can interfere with valves, electronics and other hardware


  • Pre-completion wellbore clean-up operations to remove hardened cement sheath, scale, mud solids, cuttings and other detritus from the casing wall
  • Typically run as a complement to the RazRdillo™ Casing Scraper for superior hole cleaning
  • Drilling casing cement plugs in a single trip
  • Extended reach wells where high strength drill pipe connections are required
  • Remote locations where logistics are constrained and tool maintenance can be performed at the rig site
  • Short tripping where multiple brush tools need to be run on the same string


  • While running in hole, the Brush Elements of the ScourRdillo™ scour the casing wall removing cement sheath, scale and other debris
  • Cement plugs can be drilled inside the casing as required
  • The ScourRdillo™ is reciprocated across critical depths to remove cement sheath and other debris
  • During displacement the drill string can be rotated and reciprocated to improve hole cleaning without fear of damage or wear of the casing, drill pipe or of the ArmRdillo™ Wellbore Clean-Up System