VeRidrift™ Casing Drift

The VeRidrift™ Casing Drift is a robust, 360° free rotating contact, wellbore clean-up tool and can be run individually or modularly as part of the OWS ArmRdillo™ Wellbore Clean-Up System. The VeRidrift™ Casing Drift can be adapted to suit any casing size and drill pipe combination.


  • Fluted Centralizer Drift provides centralization, bypass while drifting the casing
  • Free rotating tool design with Internal Bearing Rings to prevent drill pipe, tool or casing wear
  • No external bolts, clamps or fasteners that can come loose down hole
  • Robust assembly method with multiple back-ups


  • Cost savings
    • Drift casing to ensure the completion can be deployed without hanging up, saving Non-Productive Time
  • Integrity
    • Ensures the casing conforms to the minimum drift requirements of API or special drift requirements of the operator
    • Single piece mandrel with no internal connections for increased strength
  • Reducing Non-Productive Time
    • Assurance the completion packers and other components can be deployed safely


  • Pre-completion wellbore clean-up operations to ensure the scraper, brushes and mills have removed any hardened cement
  • Non-rotating stabilizer run above or below weight set tools to weight transmittal
  • Drifting perforated sections prior to running lower completion screens and swellable packers


  • The VeRidrift™ Casing Drift is typically run to ensure that the casing wall is free of cement sheath and other debris
  • Cement plugs can be drilled inside the casing as required
  • During displacement the drill string can be rotated and reciprocated to improve hole cleaning without fear of damage or wear of the casing, drill pipe or of the VeRidrift tool