Fed up pulling casing and re-drilling the section? Want to get your casing string to bottom on time, every time?

The Defuse™ High Speed Casing Reamer rewrites the rules of tubular running and allows you to reach target depth for the first time in the most challenging of hole conditions. With an industry-leading reverse impeller design capable of speeds in excess of 8000 RPM, these tools can be used in wells with high doglegs as well as extended reach wells with high-frequency wellbore spiralling for maximum total depth assurance.

The Defuse™ High Speed Casing Reamer is a PDC drillable casing shoe with a reverse impeller drive system to enable hydraulically controlled rotation of the shoe when necessary in order to prevent premature landing of the casing caused by ledges, high dog legs, high frequency wellbore spiralling and other wellbore obstructions. Once resistance is encountered, the pump can be applied to engage the drive mechanism inside the tool, turning it into a high-speed reaming shoe. It is designed to allow cement to be pumped through it, and the cement will receive a shear effect prior to entering the annulus.

Features and Benefits

  • Eliminates the risk of stuck casing caused by wellbore imperfections.
  • Eliminates time and cost associated with wiper trips & re-runs (*typically 2-3 days per offshore well section).
  • Suitable for high dog legs as well as extended reach wells.
  • Designed for efficient drill-out with PDC bit.
  • Can be operated at speeds in excess of 8000 RPM.
  • 100+ successful runs globally.
  • Available in sizes from 2-7/8″ up to 13-5/8″.