Extracting next-generation value from legacy fields

Published 10.07.2023

Innovative well intervention technologies support drive to boost recovery rates

The energy trilemma and its focus on affordability, security and sustainability has redrawn the landscape of offshore oil and gas.

Operators across the UK, Norway and globally are increasingly looking to do more with less, working within tighter margins and targeting increased carbon efficiencies.

Well intervention – including slot recovery and a range of other solutions – offers the opportunity to squeeze the most from existing assets and push recovery rates into transformative territory.

And Odfjell Technology is perfectly placed to provide the mix of economy, experience and expertise required to revolutionise your projects and prospects.

Sweat your assets

Established fields and assets represent an investment of time and money that in an era of constrained budgets, tight resources and enhanced emission reductions cannot and should not be ignored.

That is one reason why historic recovery rates moved so quickly from around 25% towards 60%, and why industry is now seeking to push the metric higher – meeting demand at a lower cost, on an accelerated timeline, with the greatest efficiency.

Slot recovery, and the plug and abandonment technology (P&A) that is the other half of that equation, is central to the process, and which is why in some locations it is not unusual for redirection to sidetracks and new targets to be repeated multiple times.

But these critical operations, often in oilfields with the most challenging of resources, must now more than ever, be quick, safe and smart.

Tools for the job

Odfjell Technology has the heritage, culture and tools to get the job done – safely, on time and on budget.

The company is built on five decades of experience, and features an integrated business model that enables us to provide a comprehensive portfolio of products and services designed to create value for our clients.

We are ready to provide full well intervention workscope from either a modular rig or rigless solution, based on trusted components across our service offering – an approach that results in proven reliability and reduced lead-in times for deployment.

And the full range of downhole and other well services are of course supplied by Odfjell Technology and its partners as part of a package of bespoke solutions for each operation. This extends to drilling tool rental, casing drilling, tubular running services, engineering, construction and installation.

Because we are committed to realising your priorities and to making the most of your legacy assets.

Proven results

One example: an operator in Turkmenistan was seeking to optimize well productivity and facilitate future wellbore modifications in a mature oilfield with multiple zones. This required the recovery of a 3.5 inch dual completion string and the precise deployment of a 10.75 inch Whipstock to tap a new reservoir.

Challenges included the need to execute the recovery without damage to the wellbore or other production zones, accurate and precise placement of the Whipstock to enable successful sidetracking, and minimising operational downtime and associated costs.

A successful solution was built on detailed planning and preparation, including the well history, downhole conditions and potential risks. This informed engineering analysis and simulations that determined the optimal recovery technique and cleared the way for precise positioning of the Whipstock.

Dual completion recovery was achieved with a specialised fishing tool and precise coordination that avoided potential damage to infrastructure or adjacent zones. The Whipstock took advantage of a comprehensive deployment plan combined with real-time monitoring and feedback. Finally, drilling operations based on state-of-the-art techniques and equipment ensured the most efficient wellbore result, enabling access to the targeted reservoir.

The end result of the well intervention was improved overall performance, enhanced field production potential from a mature field, minimal operational downtime and maximum economic value.

Perfectly placed

Well intervention is central to the continued evolution of oil and gas in the era of the energy trilemma.

Odfjell Technology understands the challenges involved, and has developed a range of solutions to maximise returns from existing fields and wells – reliably, with proven technology and delivered by an experienced team.

Cost effectiveness is of course a priority, and solutions including our rigless option are focused on ensuring efficient deployment of capital, time and resources to achieve the best results.

Our dedication to smart tools and better operations feeds into that process. All of our experience, across decades working in oil and gas, informs the development of the technology and processes required to meet the needs of our industry.

And we are dedicated, in all that we do, to safeguarding the people so crucial to the future of oil and gas, and the environment in which we all work and live.

Committed, safety conscious, creative, competent and result-oriented – these are the core values of Odfjell Technology. And it is why we believe we should be your well intervention partner of choice.

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