Rigless Intervention Unit installation on a vertical storage tank in France

Published 30.10.2023

Odfjell Technology takes great pride in its recent involvement in the installation on a vertical storage tank in France, achieved through the effective use of the Rigless Intervention Unit.

The company expresses its deep appreciation for the individuals who graced the Hydrogen Field at Aulnoye-Aymeries during the past week. Special recognition is deserved by the Odfjell Technology team for their exceptional proficiency in managing the Rigless unit. Furthermore, the VAM Field Services team’s meticulous visual inspections before pipe runs and precise tally-keeping played a pivotal role in ensuring seamless operations.

Odfjell Technology also extends its gratitude to the entire Vallourec R&D Team for their valuable contributions to the project. Working with Vallourec One R&D, this project holds enormous promise for the future, offering a sustainable and cost-efficient solution which could revolutionise energy storage.

About Odfjell Technology:

Odfjell Technology has five decades of experience operating worldwide, serving offshore and onshore markets. The company’s integrated business model enables it to provide a comprehensive portfolio of products and services designed to create value for clients. Its highly competent, dedicated and experienced workforce is well equipped to find solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow. The energy transition is one of today’s greatest challenges. Odfjell Technology’s vision is to use its heritage and expertise to support the industry as it transitions to new energy solutions. To find out more about Odfjell Technology and its services, please visit

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