Rigless Mast Unit represents game-changer for P&A, decommissioning and repurposing old wells

Published 04.06.2024

Innovative solution from Odfjell Technology offers flexibility and adaptability to address full range P&A of well re-entry scenarios, writes Stephen Mair, Senior P&A & Well Intervention Engineer

Rigless solutions provide a flexible, adaptable and cost-effective option for plug and abandonment (P&A), workovers and repurposing – off and onshore, across all geographies and to the highest safety standards.

As an innovative technology provider, Odfjell Technology has developed a Rigless Mast Unit (RMU) that represents an industry step-change for well re-entry applications, providing a repackaged modular concept for when traditional alternatives are neither technically nor economically feasible.

Seamlessly combining the in-house expertise and experience of all three Odfjell Technology business units – Well Services, Projects and Engineering, and Drilling Operations – the RMU is central to an integrated service provision that delivers improved efficiencies, increased economy and reduced emissions.

Focused on progress

Odfjell Technology’s RMU is built on proven technology concepts and features a small footprint as part of a lightweight, environmentally friendly and multi-configurable design that saves both time and money, while also delivering operational efficiency through less engineering and personnel on board being required.

The package includes a skidding based sub-structure for use on existing rig skid beams or a flat surface utility modules, modular decks and staircase, a torque mast with the further ability to incorporate a high-power jack into the system. The innovation is ideal for both oil and gas E&Ps and drilling contractors and is ready to deploy on land or atop older platforms with limited options.

Configurations include standalone ultra-slim tower structure, a more widely spread bridge setup or the full-spec modular rig configuration, with applications across well interventions, workovers, and full P&A work scopes.

The ultimate result is more flexibility and adaptability, opening the door for well re-entry and P&A on projects that have previously been either too complex or too expensive to consider.

Deployment is also significantly accelerated, with RMUs able to be on site and ready to roll within days compared with the multiple weeks required for alternative solutions.

The demand for technologies such as the RMU, and therefore the opportunity for operators to make substantial savings, is significant and growing.

Meeting every challenge

Odfjell Technology builds on the foundation of five decades of experience and its five core values – committed, safe-conscious, creative, competent and results oriented – in everything that it does.

The RMU innovation embraces these principles and helps to fuel our ability to meet challenges, advance technology and exceed expectations – both our culture and our objective.

We are excited about what this innovation can do for the sector and believe our solution – based on one concept, with many configurations and applications – is an absolute game-changer.

And it doesn’t stop there. Odfjell Technology’s capabilities in P&A and slot recovery will be significantly expanded following the recent acquisition of Aberdeen-based McGarian TDC Ltd – a company with an enviable track record of engineering and product design. This addition to the Odfjell Technology stable strengthens our commitment to not only meeting but exceeding customer expectations to provide efficient, safe and environmentally secure operations.

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