Setting higher standards with next generation of wellbore clean-up

Published 24.04.2023

Wellbore clean-up is a critical component in any new well build or workover, and when done properly will secure a profitable project with optimum production from day one and throughout the full lifecycle.

Odfjell Technology is focused on developing and deploying the full range of tools and services capable of delivering the solutions required for successful wellbore clean-up. Our aim is to save time and money for our clients, while maximising the results of any operation.

And while we are of course dedicated to providing the crucial technical elements of increased annular velocities, liner lap integrity, packer setting depths and blowout preventor (BOP) integrity, we are also about the bigger picture – increased overall economy, environmental safeguards, emissions reductions and trip-saving via the use of specialised tools.

Because mistakes and errors carry huge costs for any project. Ineffective wellbore clean-up can damage equipment during completion, delay production and increase operating cost, and result in significant NPT – and, of course, in the longer term can reduce the life and productivity of any well.

This is about more than price. There are a number of companies providing wellbore clean-up services to the oil and gas industry, using broadly similar tools, but the real story runs much deeper than that.

Clients should be ready to compare and understand the products and services on offer – consider tool design, look into the run history relating to NPT, dig into performance and outcomes, establish a 360-degree view of what a wellbore clean-up contractor can deliver.

Odfjell Technology believes its offering is impossible to beat: we have dedicated R&D capabilities across our product line, a history of success across a range of challenging conditions and scenarios, and are ready and willing to provide bespoke solutions with tailor-made tools.

Further, our global reach gives us access to a wide range of machining capabilities twinned with the latest technologies – a combination that creates flexibility, economy and increased responsiveness.

Our track record speaks for itself. We have a 50-year history and operations spread across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Odfjell Technology’s core values of committed, safety conscious, creative, competent and result-oriented are reflected in everything we do.

Here are three recent examples:

  • A problematic BOP off Norway was cleared of stubborn post-completion debris using an Odfjell Technology AJT RizeRdillo. The client saved a total of 33 hours and an estimated USD$773,000, with the solution – including offset jetting nozzles for increased penetration, optional lower bull nose or pin-down connection, and an optimised flow path for removal of debris – extended to nine subsequent wells.
  • A UK client seeking a one-trip drill out of a reservoir section and a scrape of lower and upper completion packer setting depths trusted Odfjell Technology and its DrillRdillo tool, resulting in total savings of 14 hours of rig time and an estimated GBP£131,000. Odfjell Technology used its in-house software to predict tool behaviour as it transitioned through the wellbore, and overcame challenging well geometry and geological conditions that made more standard industry solutions unworkable.
  • A highly deviated deep well in Asia-Pacific required drilling through numerous depleted zones in addition to scraping of a lower completion packer setting depth inside a 9 5/8″ casing. The DrillRdillo saved 34 hours of operational time and an estimated value of USD$375,000.

There is more to come. Odjfell Technology is committed to meeting the demands of our customers as the industry tackles the demands of the energy transition.

Our product line is evolving to meet the challenging requirements of economy, emissions and flexibility, and our technology and expertise provides the perfect platform to address the shifting landscape of oil and gas.

Because we are always seeking new opportunities to expand our footprint globally, to expand our partnerships with clients established and new, and to improve – continuously – what we offer to the industry.

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