PiRanha™ Junk XTractR™

The PiRanha™ Junk XTractR™ is a robust  wellbore clean-up tool and can be run individually or modularly as part of the ArmRdillo™ Wellbore Clean-Up System. The PiRanha™ Junk XTractR™ is designed to mill up and remove junk from the wellbore which could damage downhole equipment.


  • Robust Single Piece Mandrel
  • Fluted free-rotating Centralizer Rings provide centralization and prevents casing wear
  • Fixed bladed mill and junk scoop with tungsten carbide inserts and large single entry inlet port
  • Large capacity junk basket
  • Secondary boot basket capture debris in the annulus above the tool
  • Can be quickly assembled redressed on location with simple hand tools
  • No external bolts, clamps or fasteners that can come loose down hole


Cost savings

  • Field serviceable at the rig-site with basic hand tools
  • Removes harmful junk preventing premature failures


  • Available with high torque connections reducing the need for reduced strength crossovers
  • Single piece mandrel with no internal connections for increased strength

Reducing Non-Productive Time

  • A robust wellbore clean-up is proven to reduce nonproductive time during the completion of the well
  • Reduces failure of completion equipment by debris which can interfere with valves, electronics and other hardware


  • Pre-completion wellbore clean-up operations where high levels of junk is expected
  • Milling or heavy workover operations to remove junk and debris
  • Cement drillout and accessory milling


  • The PiRanha™ Junk XTRactR™ can be run as part of junk milling assembly or part of the pre-completion wellbore cleanup where high levels of junk is expected
  • The PiRanha™ Junk XTRactR™ can be placed above a MunchRdillo™ Scraper Milling Tool and MAGStar4™ HD Casing magnet
  • Whilst running in hole fluid enters the large single entry port or bypasses around the outside of the tool
  • The fixed blade carbide mill breaks up any junk and the junk scoop introduces the junk into the junk barrel when rotating the workstring
  • Junk circulated past the outside of the tool can be caught in the boot basket located at the top end of the junk barrel
  • The drill string can be rotated and reciprocated without fear of damage or wear of the casing, drill pipe or of the PiRahnaTM Junk XTractRTM
  • When pulling out of hole, the junk barrel boot basket captures additional debris from the wellbore
  • The PiRanha™ Junk XTRactR™ can be quickly emptied at surface to inspect contents and can be redeployed quickly if necessary