RDS Rupture Disc Sub

The Rupture Disc Sub is a tool activated by applying pressure from surface to burst a rupture disc to allow communication between the workstring and the annulus at a predetermined pressure. The tool has two calibrated rupture discs to provide redundancy.


  • Single piece body with no internal connections
  • Large bore, nearly slick, inner diameter for slickline access
  • No balls or darts required to burst the discs – pressure up on the drillstring to activate
  • Tool can dressed with various calibrated pressure and temperature discs


  • Cost savings
    • Allows communication to the annulus when POOH , allowing the pipe to self-drain
  • Integrity
    • Available with high torque connections reducing the need fror reduced strength crossovers
    • No internal parts; simple activation process of pressuring up on the drillpipe to burst the dics
    • Rupture discs are tested and calibrated to suit any pressure and temperature
  • Reducing Non-Productive Time
    • Instantaneous operation waiting for; No balls, darts or slickline intervention
    • Reduced tripping time when pulling out of hole
    • If a bit is plugged the tool can be opened to carry out remedial actions, and allow the string to be pulled out ‘dry’


  • Allows circulation above a Packer or other similar type tool
  • Allows circulation above a packed off Wellbore Filter Tool
  • Jetting, Circulating, Tripping Dry Pipe
  • Drillstring BHA relief valve if bit gets plugged


  • The Burst Disc Sub is typically run above a packer, as part of the landing string, or as an emergency relief valve, above a drilling BHA in the event that the BHA may get packed off
  • Activation balls, darts are dropped to the packer to set the packer hydraulically. Once set simply pressure up the drillpipe to rupture the discs and open ports on the Rupture Disc Sub
  • High flowrates can be utilised to circulate through the fluid