RizeRdillo Advanced Jetting Tool rebranded as Hydraflow Advanced Wellbore Cleaning System

Published 23.05.2024

Odfjell Technology has rebranded its industry leading RizeRdillo Advanced Jetting Tool to now be known as Hydraflow Advanced Wellbore Cleaning System (HAWCS).

Continuing the company’s legacy and commitment to delivering excellence across well services, Hydraflow stands out with its innovative high flow rate boost effect. This exceptional feature not only maximizes the efficiency of blowout preventer (BOP) and riser cleaning but also demonstrates its advanced high-flow cleaning capabilities, ensuring your operations are efficient and effective.

Hydraflow is more than just a powerful and precise tool; it’s a cost-effective solution. By reducing operating time, it delivers substantial cost savings. Whether it’s deep-water pre-completion wellbore cleanups or riser cleaning, Hydraflow is a wise investment that will help you optimize your budget.

At Odfjell Technology, we are committed to delivering the highest standard of wellbore cleanup services. This commitment is reflected in Hydraflow’s specifications. With high torque connections that reduce the need for strength crossovers and a single-piece mandrel design that eliminates the need for field maintenance, Hydraflow is a reliable and low-maintenance tool.

When it comes to high-performance and dependable equipment for blowout preventer (BOP) and riser needs, Hydraflow is the go-to solution for Odfjell Technology’s customers in the oil and gas industry. Its efficient cleaning service not only limits operational non-productive time but also reduces the risk of premature failure of completion equipment due to debris. This reliability is crucial in preventing potential damage to valves, electronics, and other hardware, ensuring smooth operations.

Hydraflow works in tandem with Odfjell Technology’s Riser Cleaning Tool and XTractR™ BOP Junk Catcher, while also being able to run as a standalone tool. The staggered 360° circulation ports allow full coverage and washing of the riser wall and deep penetration into the BOP annular, and the upward-angled circulation ports assist in carrying debris to the surface through the inducement of turbulent flow.

Learn more about the Hydraflow Advanced Wellbore Cleaning System in the video below.

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