Well services ready to build on 2023 success

Published 16.01.2024

Odfjell Technology enters the new year with a laser focus on innovation, efficiency and economy across the entire spectrum of well services in every corner of the globe.

The company is dedicated to building on the momentum of 2023 with new products, expanded markets and the highest levels of customer satisfaction and teamwork.

Whether in wellbore clean-up, well intervention or tubular running services, the coming months will turbo-charge our long-standing tradition of providing the tools, people and mindset required to optimise every project, in every circumstance.

Partner of choice

At the heart of everything we do is collaboration – with proven suppliers, the integrated Odfjell Technology team, and valuable clients.

We have a flexible mindset and the experience to embrace the challenges facing customers around the world, with all that means in terms of bespoke solutions, robust equipment, streamlined logistics and unrivalled responsiveness.

In 2024, we anticipate automation being crucial, particularly in red-zone reductions, allowing for accelerated operations on site while helping to bolster the changing shape and experience profile of the oil and gas workforce.

All of which translates directly into reduced rig time – on average around two days less in the case of well intervention – and savings measured in millions. It also contributes to our goal of zero non-productive time (NPT) across all of our projects.

Action stations

For tubular running services, the year ahead will feature new automated tools for the red zone that are designed to reduce errors, boost efficiency and accelerate project schedules – from tongs to casing running, tally control, elevators and spiders. These existing tools provide world-class benefits to our customers, with further development scheduled for 2024.

Across wellbore clean-up, from post-completion to plug and abandonment, think more powerful tools across our Ultra, RizeRdillo advanced jetting and DrillRdillo ranges – putting innovation and integrated services to work in the most demanding environments.

For blowout preventer (BOP) ram cleaning, for example, our RizeRdillo advanced jetting tool (AJT) now includes a new 13-5/8 inch design in addition to the existing 16 inch option. This increases the scope or work and enables clients to benefit from features including a large total flow area (TFA), allowing a high-flow, low-pressure approach that removes debris and allows efficient cleaning without risking damage to BOP seals.

And for well intervention, 2024 will mark further evolution in a market changing like never before. Technological innovations are key in well intervention, with the global market expected to reach $11.33 billion in 2027 at a compound annual growth rate of 5.8%[1].

Odfjell Technology’s culture of innovation and ambition is ready to embrace this ever-changing sector, including deploying automation, AI and machine learning technology across our product ranges.

Promises delivered

As just one example of the difference that innovation brings, in 2023 we worked with a client onshore in Dubai to retrieve and remove debris from the wellbore of a previously abandoned well, enabling access to the top of the packer before pulling the old completion.

Odjfell Technology provided the ArdVAC Venturi Junk XTRactR, a specialised tool that used Venturi effects to allow capture and retrieval of debris that cannot be easily circulated out. The tool achieves this by creating a localised low-pressure zone that induces reverse circulation below the ports, drawing in fluid and debris towards finger catchers, magnetic debris chambers and filter screens.

The ArdVAC was deployed using 5-1/2 inch FJWP drill pipe and washed down with rotation and applied weight beyond various tights spots to reach the target depth of 10,858 feet. Circulation was then increased while reciprocating the pipe, clearing the pipe of 67.7kg of mixed debris across three runs – and enabling successful deployment of slickline to target depth.

Odfjell is also expanding its magnet offering in Q1 2024 with the PwR-Mag as a ‘true’ flat bottom magnet that focuses on technological advancement to increase debris recovery with built-in cost-effectiveness. This provides a larger scope or work with fewer assets and lower cost, while staying true to our inspection criteria of full magnetic particle inspection (MPI) on all components.

And of course the PwR-Mag joins the UltraMag casing magnet, released last year and offering dual centralisers, reduced maintenance and a consistent redress cost, and the MAGVac overshot magnet with reverse circulation technology for safe junk retrieval.

Leading from the front

Success in the year ahead, not only for Odfjell Technology but for the wider oil and gas industry, will be based on the changes and innovations necessary to meet increasing demands for improved economy, security of supply and reduced carbon emissions.

And while Odfjell Technology most certainly wants to celebrate the successes of 2023, we are set to make 2024 even better – for our company, for our clients, and for our industry.


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